Aim to achieve that which has yet to be real.


Who We Are


Solera, our parent company, is structured globally into Do It Right (80%), Do It Better (18%) and Do It Different (2%) teams.

R3PI is the 2%. This flexible yet well-defined organizational layout helps us at R3PI deliver innovative solutions for the present and, more importantly, for the future, without compromise.


What We Do

Our mission is to invent digital technologies for the auto and home that will provide a smoother ride through life for Solera's clients and their customers. Our design and development cycles are fast paced and creative!



Our Culture

We question everything.

Why are there so many apps with so little functionality? Why do companies build software for themselves instead of their customers? How can apps have so much data but provide so little information?

We hate everything we built yesterday so that we can build radically better solutions today.