QA/ Test Engineer (Zürich)

Zürich, ZH

December 12, 2016
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We are a group of dedicated and disruptive innovators who are committed to building the future of Solera. We wake up every day hating what we did yesterday, so that we can do it different today and change the world around us. Our playground consists of connected car, connected home, wearables, IoT, 3D, AR, and things that don’t even exist... yet.

We are seeking uncommon and elite innovators who possess both the development skills and business acumen to operate at a hyper-fast and accurate speed. Our rapid innovation team is responsible for using the latest, cutting edge technologies to combine any and all global data, software, and services to create innovative concepts and solutions that will help our customers gain a competitive edge in the digital world.

As we continue to evolve our innovations, we are always looking for world class mobile developers who excel at building mobile apps and are not intimidated by challenging problems. You are a self-motivated, team oriented programmer experienced working in one or more of the following areas: native iOS development (Swift, Objective-C), native Android development (Java), 3D (Unity, C#), micro services (Java, JavaScript).


Technical Must-Haves


The brand new office for our newest team is being finished right now. An entire floor above an active car maintenance shop. By elevator we bring cars and motorcycles into the office; e.g. to test and demonstrate mobile connectivity and electronics hacking. As brain and body should be exercised, we have our own gym with cardio and fitness equipment. For the necessary protein consumption, there’s an open space BBQ area. If that is not enough, Lake Zürich with its public bath is 50m away - swimming in the summer afternoon is great. Being close to the “Bellevue", we are in one of the most bar-heavy areas of town and we are working hard to boost that economy, too.

On top of the unique work environment, we also consider these as our strong points: