Senior DevOps Engineer (Contract)

London, England

March 8, 2017
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R3PI is looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer for a 3-4-month contract role with our R&D and Innovation team. Location isn’t super important, but we'd prefer to find someone who can work a week or two from our office in Central London at the start of the project.

Our mission is to set up production level pipelines for deploying Node.js microservices on AWS and then ensure the operation is fully redundant, monitored, and maximally automated. Similarly, we are working on automating the set-up of typical services that microservices consume, such as database servers, message queues, et cetera.


Your role would be hands-on helping the DevOps team to deliver this pipeline and related systems in a pragmatic way that focuses on keeping the DevOps team from becoming a bottleneck to the development and QA teams.

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