VP, Product Management

Dallas, TX

September 26, 2016
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We are a group of dedicated and disruptive innovators who are committed to building the future of Solera. We wake up every day hating what we did yesterday, so that we can do it differently today and change the world around us. Our playground consists of connected car, connected home, wearables, IoT, 3D, AR, and things that don’t even exist... yet.

We are seeking uncommon and elite innovators who possess the ultimate blend of creative, business, and operational skills to drive product development forward. Our rapid innovation team is responsible for using the latest, cutting edge technologies to combine any and all global data, software, and services to create innovative concepts and solutions that will help our customers gain a competitive edge in the digital world.

As we continue to grow and evolve, we are seeking an innovative and driven individual to lead with proven experience launching successful products to head our product team. You are someone who can solve wicked problems through rigorous prioritization, partnering with talented designers and developers, and an operational focus and drive to constantly move the ball forward. The successful R3PI product leader will possess executive presence, project management, product marketing, design, and product strategy skills (and then some) to champion the needs of our customers and users, guiding the product strategy and roadmap through collaboration with designers and developers in a fast-paced team.

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Where the Magic Happens

We operate out of our own digital headquarters, an undisclosed location called the R3PI Innovation Lab in the Dallas area. This facility has been developed to be an innovation playground and incubation center for the connected and digital lifestyle of the future. The team has even created its own cognitive software interface to monitor and control all technology on the property, allowing full digital access no matter where they are.

The Innovation Lab isn’t the only part of the property that is fully connected and controlled – the property also contains a private gym, which is used by the team on a regular basis. We believe that working and exercising the body is not only healthy, but also helps stimulate and enhance the working of the brain.

Also on the property is the 4-tiered pool and cabana, guest house, main house, and the TAC-1, our digital and connected space for uncommon meetings and showcasing the Innovation Team’s output.

On top of the unique work environment, we also consider these as our strong points: